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As with the previous versions of the SE-5, the SE-5 1000 is easy to use in almost endless areas of research: Health, Business, Animals, Agriculture, etc.

Some of the new features include:


  • Gold plated replicator coils for perfect remedy replication
  • USB interface for computer interconnectivity
  • Integrated PC Software
  • Electro-Luminescent Output Cable
  • Infra-Red Scanning Probe
  • Automatic Potentizer
  • 100 - 1000- 10,000 scale
  • Various pulse rates for Scanner Probe
  • Computer Keyboard on the SE-5 1000
  • Audio Input for broadcasting
  • Space for 256 internal programs
  • 46 Main Programs
  • Powered by Battery, Wall adapter or USB power.
  • Improved Scalar Amplifier
  • Digital Camera
  • Digital Printer (Zink crystal paper)
  • Digital Photo interface


It has been just about a year since we did a major upgrade and a lot of work has gone into this new software version.

Here are some of the obvious changes in the software.

1. We can now export Programs and Sessions to Excel and then also Import from Excel. This will add a lot of flexibility to those of you that like to work in Excel rather than Access. We are going to eventually abandon Access as a data base format, but for now at least, you can use Excel which will give you a lot more editing capabilities.

2. When making a New Session or Updating a Session, we have added Copy and Paste buttons to make it easier to move Tunings from one Session to another Session.

3. We have added 7 more Amplitude revisions making a total of 14 different revisions that you can now use to be able to remeasure your Session Amplitudes over a longer period of time. To not make the report bigger, you get to choose to print 1-7 or 8-14 of the Amplitude readings in your report.

4. We changed things a bit with the date column. Instead of having a date for each Tuning (which made the report really big) we now can type in the date at the top of each Amplitude column. We had some problems with the date automatically updating when adding new Tunings to an existing Session, so we made it now a manual process where you can just type in the date at the top of the column on e time, and then it will remain there (unless of course you want to change it later, manually).

5. In the past you could link an image (photo, geometric, etc.) with each Tuning by going to Data/Programs/Subprograms/Tunings. There you could connect a photo to any Tuning in the database or with a new Tuning that you had created. BUT NOW, you can connect a VIDEO to any Tuning. This way each time the Crown Chakra is sent (for example) it will play the Crown Chakra Video in a separate window (separate from the regular video/image player.)

6. We also did a lot of house cleaning and bug fixes. For example, when going down a list of Tunings with the down arrow, the bottom Tuning would be hidden before moving to the next page of Tunings. That one always bugged me. So now at least that bug is gone....
Another thing that bugged me was when I went to Update a Session, I like to use the Tab button to move from one button to the next and it would skip the Add Tu ning button (which is normally where I wanted to go to!) and I had to use my mouse to click on it. So we fixed that one too.... Probably a lot of other little bugs were fixed along the way as well....

7. In the old version there wasn't any way to delete a remedy from a Potentize Program. Now you can Delete and Add to any Potentize program. You can also type in a new Potency and Time on the fly in the Potentize program without disturbing your main database of remedies. Just double click on the remedy in the Potentize Program you can change either the Potency or the Timing (or the Name if you need to update something). The original remedy in your Potentize database will NOT be affected. It changes it only for that Potentize Program.


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