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How to solve the jumping mouse in Windows

Best solution is to update your firmware to 172.

If you have old firmware, you can still solve this by the steps below.


1. From your START button, open the Control Panel



When your Control  panel opens, then click on System and Security


Next Click on the Device Manager

Now click on the Ports (click on the small arrow on the left so all the current ports are shown).


Now connect your SE-5 1000 and turn it on. You will see a new port show up.

Double click on the new port (USB Serial Port)

Then you will see the Port Properties window. Click on the second TAB that says Port Settings (shown below).

Next click the ADVANCED Button.


There is a check box (shown below) next to the words, "Serial Enumerator".


Click the check box so that it UNCHECKS the box. The box should be empty after you click in the box.

Click OK and close all the other windows.


This will solve the problem of Windows thinking that your SE-51000 is a mouse :).




Last Updated (Sunday, 13 January 2019 10:41)