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Digitron ca. 1983

Original SE-5 SE-5 plus

Original SE-5 ca.1988                                                                  The SE-5 plus ca. 1995




SE-5 1000 GOLD 2011



The original SE-5 was Dr. Frank's 5th Subtle Energy instrument, hence the name SE-5.

Some of his original inventions were the Digitron and the Vitatron.

The SE-5 quickly became the standard for Subtle Field research in Vibrational Medicine. Later the SE-5 was upgraded with a new computer and enhanced with geometric patterns and was called the SE-5 plus.

After Dr. Willard Frank passed away in 2008, Don Paris Ph.D. (h.c.) took over the project and spent the next year redesigning and developing the new SE-5 1000.

By incorporating the design changes that Dr. Frank was planning for the next generation of the SE-5 and combining his wish list from users over the years, Dr. Paris completed the most advanced instrument of its kind.


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