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Below is a general outline of the topics that we will be covering in the Seminar in Albuquerque the 31st of July - 3rd of August 2013.

The way this is shaping up, I think this will be a seminar not to be missed! Lutie Larsen has agreed to share her wealth of knowledge that she has accumulated over the last 35 years. She will be teaching together with me this year. In case you do not know about Lutie, she has been working with the SE-5 even longer than I have. She has Little Farm Research and has been working extensively with the SE-5 since its inception.

In the late 80s she was written up in Mother Earth News for growing 70 foot long tomato plants and potato plants with 15 pounds per plant!!!

She will be sharing her secrets of more than 35 years of experience in Radionics and her use of the SE-5.

Lutie Larsen is an internationally known teacher of Radionics. Her interest in this science began in 1978 when she discovered how well it worked to manage the health of her big family (10 children). Lutie began teaching Radionics in 1981 after taking a course from Peter Kelly. She furthered her studies in England at Keys College of Radionics, receiving a diploma in Radionics Agriculture/Horticulture in 1997.

Mrs. Larsen teaches extensively in the United States, Mexico, England and Sweden, and has been a consultant on Agriculture projects in the United States, Canada, Trinidad, England and Mexico.

Lutie works as a consultant with farmers switching to alternative, sustainable systems of agriculture. Her emphasis is teaching and self-reliance using radionics to determine the best system, the highest nutrition and quality and the ideal inputs for the crop.

We will not be working in the health area this time specifically, but many of the techniques and learnings will have a direct or indirect impact on health.

The seminar will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn and if you book your room through this link you will get a special group rate of $94.00 per night.


To register for the seminar you can register with the below link


or call our office at


1-800-758-7836 and talk to Beth.

The cost for the seminar is $975 for all four days. Your hotel costs and food are not included.

General Outline for SE-5 1000 Course July 31 - Aug 3, 2013

Basic and Advanced use of SE-5 1000 Software.

Food Preservation with the SE-5
Food analysis
Food energizing
Food clearing
Balancing vitamins and minerals in the food
Food as medicine
Food combining using the SE-5
Food color therapy

New Technology:

Balancing Only SE-5 100 Unit
Programmable Chi-Organizer and how to use it to clear food, etc.
Using Programmed Holograms
Custom Programming of Holograms

Subtle energy definitions
Subtle fields, life forms, resonance IDFs, etheric double, Energy centers, information fields
Agriculture SE-5 terms
Cycles, processes, linking, targeting, sample or witness, dowsing, listening
Basic Ag techniques
Evaluation - what to look for
Computer skills - what are my options
Mindset and foundational principles - Suggested standards and concepts
Levels of Radionic application
Applicant or client
Evaluating soil
How do you look at soil? What would you consider „ideal soil‰
How to get what you are looking for, Radionic techniques
Reduced inputs
Balancing techniques
Single rate tuning
Arrays of minerals, and other IDF tunings
Custom programming
Cyclic support
Fruit, flower, stalk, leaf, root
Check the growth cycle.
Key times to support
Using reagents
Less is better
Increase your yields
Work with cycles
A little support works wonders
What about the critters?
Pests bring a message, listen
Targeting larvae
Weed wisdom
Reagents turn the tables
Self correction is the best
Weeds can be composted
Summing it up
Think energetically and informationaly
Be creative use common sense
Look for the cause behind the cause
Q and A

We are looking forward to seeing you in Albuquerque!

Don Paris

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